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Peripheral intravenous (PIV) catheters are the most frequently used invasive device in healthcare.5
  • Approximately 330 million PIV catheters are sold each year in the United States and an estimated 70% of acute care patients need a short PIV catheter.5,6
  • Researchers have reported the risks of catheter-related BSI that are related to PIV catheters are under-evaluated.5
  • Researchers have identified a significant potential for infections in large numbers of patients based on volume of PIV catheter use.7
  • New data collection methods introduced by the NHSN now allow for reporting of non-central line associated, laboratory confirmed BSIs.8
  • The 2011 CDC Guidelines state: There is no need to replace peripheral catheters more frequently than every 72-96 hours to reduce risk of infection and phlebitis in adults [Category1B]
  • The 2011 Infusion Nurses Society Standards of Practice state: The nurse should consider replacement of the short peripheral catheter when clinically indicated...the decision to replace the short peripheral catheter should be based on assessment of the patient's condition; access site; skin and vein integrity; length and type of prescribed therapy; venue of care; integrity and patency of VAD; dressing; and stabilization device.
  • 60% of CRBSI originate from the patient’s own skin.2
  • Regardless of how a BSI occurs (via central line in the bloodstream or PIV catheters in the bloodstream), the end result is still a BSI.
BIOPATCH® is the ONLY IV dressing with CHG PROVEN in multiple Randomized Control Trials to reduce the incidence of CRBSIs.9 For a comprehensive summary, please review the PIV Executive Monograph.

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